Places visited in 2017

2017 was the year with challenges. One of the challenges was to visit 12 new places as Mark Zuckerberg challenged people around the world. Actually there were a few new places I went to around the end of 2016 right after Mark’s challenge. Anyway, those were not counted. Since the start of 2017 I have made trips to visit these places:


1.  Chiang Khan and Pak Chom in Loei (New #1)


2.  Australian Ambassador to Bangkok’s residence


3.  Sao Hin, Nam Phiang Din, and Huay Phueng in Mae Hong Son


4.  Wan Namon in Myanmar (New #2)


  • 5.  Incheon & Seoul, South Korea


6.  Chiang Khan and Pak Chom, Loei


7.  Xanakhan and Vang Nao, Laos (New #3)


8. Da Nang & Hoi An, Vietnam (New #4)


9.  Orlando, Florida, USA (New #5)


10.  Chiang Khan and Pak Chom, Loei again


11.  Sangkhom, Udonthani (New #6)


12.  Mae Hong Son again


13.  Jaipur and Abhaneri (Chand Baori Step Well), Rajasthan, and Agra (Taj Mahal), Uttra Pradesh, India (New #7)


14.  Mae Hong Son again


15.  Vientiane, Laos (New #8)

16.  Luang Prabang, Laos (New #9)


17.  Jakarta, Indonesia (New #10)


18.  London and Canterbury, UK


19.  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


20.  Ranong


21.  Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia


22.  Seoul, South Korea again


23.  Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia again


24.  Tokushima, Japan (New #11)


25.  Singapore


26.  Kathmandu, Nepal (New #12)


27.  Chiang Mai


28.  Pak Chong, Nakon Ratchasima



Louis I. Kahn’s Salk Institute keeps its timelessness that has been providing everyone great pleasure in all senses throughout its existence. It is the Architecture of joy, calm, happiness, beauty, order, friendliness, purity, divinity, and many more.  This masterpiece is the architecture of Architecture – it manifests every aspects of what Architecture is.  This video by Chang Khun Kim on Vimeo takes you there to feel and appreciate the power of this masterpiece Architecture. Enjoy!

Salk Institute from Chang Kyun Kim on Vimeo.

Stills from the video:


“The soul has more need for the ideal than the real.”

Steven Holl believes that Light is a material. Each project he worked on began with a site and a circumstance, a situation and a program; therefore, architecture should be reinvented for every situation. Architecture should be about place, and the idea that drives the design should be also related to the way the structure, the light, the space, and materials are in some kind of organic relation that ties all these together.  However, experiencing architectural space should be free of the idea that drives the design. One doesn’t need to know that in order to get the meaning of the building.

Steven Holl: Spaces Like Music from Louisiana Channel on Vimeo.